New Iron Mountain Tool Monitors Renewables Usage For Data Centers


Iron Mountain Inc., a provider of storage and information management services, has launched a new solution for reporting renewable energy usage at data centers.

Green Power Pass (GPP) is designed for companies looking to report greenhouse-gas or CO2 reductions associated with the green power they consume at Iron Mountain data centers. Available immediately to all Iron Mountain colocation customers, GPP covers power consumed at every Iron Mountain data center globally.

In the past, according to Iron Mountain, companies had to use third-party contracting processes to purchase offsets or renewable energy credits. In keeping with Iron Mountain’s commitment to offering 100% renewable energy in its data center division, early-adopter customers through June 30 can receive these credits free of charge.

Companies will receive an annual certificate of attestation validating that 100% of the power they use at Iron Mountain is from qualifying renewable resources. Additionally, they receive a detailed report on their power consumption and full documentation on the amount, source and chain-of-custody of the wind, solar or other renewable electricity associated with that Iron Mountain facility.

Akamai, Arizona State University and WeWork are the first customers to adopt Green Power Pass.

“Green Power Pass is a significant step in the renewable energy journey for Iron Mountain, our data center customers and the industry,” comments Kevin Hagen, vice president of environmental, social and governance strategy at Iron Mountain. “Our first step was to find cost-effective renewable energy solutions for our business. With GPP, we can now pass through those benefits to our customers, and finally, by building GPP on a new collaborative industry protocol, we’re showing that all data center providers can deliver this kind of solution.

“More customer access means more green power demand, and that will unleash market forces that we believe will result in a greener grid for everyone,” Hagen continues. “It’s a sustainable business shift that is good for our customers, our business, our industry and the environment.”

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