New Hampshire’s Capital Commits To 100% Renewable Energy


On Monday, the city council of Concord, N.H., voted unanimously to establish a goal of transitioning the city to 100% clean and renewable energy, the Sierra Club has announced.

The state capital is now the largest city in New Hampshire to make this commitment, according to the group.

The resolution adopts a goal of using 100% renewable energy for electricity by 2030 and for all sectors including heat and transportation by 2050. Concord is the 72nd city in the U.S. to commit to transition to 100% clean energy, notes the Sierra Club. Concord also joins other New Hampshire communities – Plainfield, Cornish and Hanover – in committing to a future powered entirely by clean energy.

“I salute Mayor Bouley and my city council colleagues for demonstrating foresight and leadership in embracing a clean energy future for the City of Concord. We look forward to the work ahead, engaging the entire Concord community in this important effort,” says Rob Werner, city councilor and chair of the Energy and Environment Committee.

The resolution that passed on Monday establishes that the Concord Energy and Environment Committee lead the development of a strategic plan within one year. This plan will lay out pathways for achieving the city’s 100% goal. The resolution also states that the Concord Energy and Environment Committee will collaborate with the city administration to create a “stakeholder committee” to ensure the plan is reflective of input from the broader Concord community.

A copy of the resolution can be downloaded here.

“Momentum is building for 100 percent clean energy across New Hampshire. Concord’s commitment to renewable energy is also a commitment to clean air, economic growth and a healthy future for our community,” notes Rich Maher, member of the Concord Energy and Environment Committee. “The city now needs to focus on creating its strategic plan for achieving this goal, which should ensure that 100 percent clean energy results in benefits such as affordable energy, new jobs and clean air for everyone in Concord, especially low-income communities who suffer disproportionately from the current fossil fuel energy system. Leadership from our capital city and the other towns that have already committed to a clean energy future is paving the way for a healthier and more equitable energy system for all New Hampshire residents.”

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Pollutec Lyon
Pollutec Lyon
4 years ago

“Concord is the 72nd city in the U.S. to commit to transition to 100% clean energy, notes the Sierra Club.” Bravo Concord and the other cities setting inspiring energy goals! It’s especially important as noted that the objective will engage the economy with new jobs and benefits for lower-income citizens. Win-win!