New Brunswick Releases Community Energy Policy


To support the growth of renewable energy in New Brunswick, Canada, the provincial government has developed a Community Energy Policy. The goal is to foster the development of locally owned and operated energy projects. It encourages participation from communities and First Nations, providing them the opportunity to contribute significantly to renewable and clean forms of electricity generation.

The initial phase will consist of 75 MW, of which 50 MW will be assigned to community-owned projects and the other 25 MW to First Nations projects.

Approved projects will receive C$0.10/kWh for electricity produced beginning this year. After five years, the price of the electricity produced will increase with the consumer price index in New Brunswick.

To qualify under the policy, projects must not be larger than 15 MW in capacity. They must be majority-owned by First Nations, municipalities, co-operatives, not-for-profit organizations or institutions. New Brunswick-based private corporations and investors may be minority partners.

Eleven workshops will be held between March 8 and March 24 to educate interested communities and partners about the policy. A request for expressions of interest will be issued before the end of May to identify and define projects and proponents.

The Department of Energy, Business New Brunswick and the New Brunswick Enterprise Network will provide guidance and support to Community Energy Policy proponents that come forward.

SOURCE: New Brunswick Department of Energy

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