National Grid Announces Shortlisted Locations for LionLink Interconnector


National Grid has announced its chosen landfall, cable route and convertor station locations for its new energy link to the Netherlands: Southwold and Walberswick.

The proposed LionLink interconnector, a joint project between National Grid Ventures and TenneT, will enable sharing 1.8 GW of renewable energy by connecting Suffolk to both the Netherlands and a Dutch offshore wind farm. 

“LionLink has an important role to play in reducing the U.K.’s reliance on fossil fuels and bringing more clean, green, and renewable energy into the U.K’.s energy system,” says Gareth Burden, National Grid construction director. 

“This will not only strengthen the country’s energy security but also lower bills for consumers too. Over 2,000 people engaged with our consultation process and each piece of feedback has been reviewed and fed into the development of our plans for the project. We will continue to listen to the community and want to find ways to work together as we deliver this vital piece of energy infrastructure as we move towards net zero.”

The shortlisted landfall sites were chosen as the venture believes they offer a shorter and less intrusive offshore cable route than the other considered locations. 

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