NaiKun Wind Agrees to Sell Offshore Wind Farm


NaiKun Wind Energy Group Inc., a British Columbia-based renewable energy company, has entered into an agreement to sell the NaiKun Offshore Wind Farm, located in the Hecate Strait off the coast of British Columbia, to Northland Power Inc., a global developer, owner and operator of sustainable infrastructure assets.

Upon successful completion of the transaction, Northland will be responsible for all aspects of the project’s development. The transaction will occur by way of the company selling Northland a 100% interest in its wholly owned subsidiary, NaiKun Wind Development Inc.

The transaction is anticipated to close in mid-2020, subject to the satisfaction of certain customary conditions, including but not limited to the company obtaining the applicable regulatory approvals and approval of the transaction by way of a special resolution of the company’s shareholders.

The transaction has been approved unanimously by the company’s board of directors. The board recommends that the shareholders vote in favor of approving the transaction at a special meeting of shareholders, to be scheduled as soon as possible.

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Mr. Rafe Sunshine
Mr. Rafe Sunshine
3 years ago

NaiKun Wind Energy has been in my stock portfolio for about ten years as I am a firm believer in renewable energy for BC to create a 21st century electrical infrastructure that will meet the future needs of British Columbians. The Site C dam, notwithstanding as a megaproject that endangers our food security as Global Climate Warming takes place. the idea of sustainable offshore wind energy, photovoltaics (solar energy), geothermal energy, tidal turbine energy, wave energy and biomass (anaerobic digestors) can make BC a renewable energy powerhouse in the coming decade (with the right political/ entrepreneurial vision).