N.J. Governor Signs Legislation Promoting Offshore Wind Jobs


New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has signed a package of bills to promote the generation of primarily union jobs and the growth of burgeoning industries, such as offshore wind, in New Jersey.

Ocean Wind 1, New Jersey’s first offshore wind project, recently gained federal approval to begin construction. A5651/S4019 will enable Ocean Wind’s developers to access federal tax credits and commits to supporting the state’s growing offshore wind supply chain. 

“When future generations look back on this pivotal moment in our state’s history, we will be judged not only by our long-term economic vision for the Next New Jersey, but by the concrete steps we took to create good-paying jobs for workers here and now,” says Gov. Murphy.

Assembly Majority Leader Louis D. Greenwald observes: “Investing in clean energy will not only protect the air we breathe and lessen our carbon footprint, but it will also strengthen our economy, create jobs and stimulate the growth of small businesses. Offshore wind is a once-in-a-generation environmental and economic opportunity for our state.”    

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