Molise Offshore Wind Farm Takes Shape


Maverick, controlled by Green Bridge, has presented the final project plans for the 1.05 GW Molise Offshore Wind Farm, to be situated in the Adriatic Sea 21 to 40 km off the shores of the Molise region in Italy.

The project will feature the installation of 70 turbines of 15 MW each, all on floating platforms. The power output will be connected to the national transmission grid at the Terna S.p.A. station located in the municipality of Montecilfone.

The average depth of the affected marine area is 105 m; the minimum is 88 m, and the maximum 126 m. There is an average wind speed of 6.35 m/sec.

The 15 MW wind turbines – Vestas V236-15.0 MW – will have a rotor height of 140 m and diameter of 236 m. The turbine blades are built in Taranto; the towers will likely be built in the industrial area of the province of Chieti.

The turbines will be mounted and stabilized on Gazelle floating platforms, moored by synthetic ropes/stretched lines and anchored with gravity anchors.

According to the schedule, the turbines will be installed between January 2028 and December 2033.

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