MISO: We’re Ready To Meet Summer Demand


The Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) says it has the resources in place to meet demand this summer.

The system operator projects that sufficient resources will be available to meet the summer demand across the MISO region. MISO forecasts that demand will peak at 127.3 GW with 23 GW of reserve capacity available, resulting in an 18% reserve margin, according to the system operator's 2015 Summer Assessment.

‘MISO projects adequate power supplies for the upcoming summer demand,’ explains Todd Ramey, vice president of system operations and market services. ‘However, starting in the next few years, we are seeing a dramatic shift in the resources available to meet demand during the hottest days of the year. MISO will continue to study the challenges that dwindling reserve margins present and work with stakeholders to prioritize issues and develop potential solutions that ensure reliability across the MISO region, both in the near term and future years.’

Although the forecasted reserve margin is still above the reserve margin target of 14.3%, MISO reserve margins continue to erode on a year-over-year basis due to current environmental and macroeconomic pressures. As those margins decrease, the likelihood of needing to rely on emergency operation procedures increases.

In addition to forecasting available capacity, MISO continues to work with member companies to ensure that operators are ready for the hot days of summer. This includes holding six sessions to test operating and communications protocols and review emergency operating procedures so reliability can be maintained this summer.

Although MISO does not expect reliability-related impacts, MISO is working closely with all stakeholders to facilitate a conversation on how the region will meet future demand in light of environmental impacts and decreased reserve margins. In MISO, load-serving entities and regulators have the responsibility of ensuring there are adequate resources.

For its part, MISO says it has begun discussions with stakeholders to identify the issues impacting resource adequacy and the support that MISO may offer in providing transparency or solutions to these issues.

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