Michigan Supplier Contracts with DTE Renewable Energy Program


All State Fastener (ASF), a Michigan based supplier, has enrolled in DTE Energy’s MIGreenPower program. MIGreenPower enables DTE Electric customers to attribute more of their energy use to renewable energy from the company’s wind and solar parks.

ASF has enrolled at 25%, with plans to attribute 100% of its electricity use to renewable energy in the near future. The company’s current MIGreenPower commitment has the environmental benefit equivalent to avoiding the greenhouse gas emissions from driving a passenger car 204,822 miles each year.

ASF supplies automotive, construction, aerospace and medical industries. In addition to enrolling in MIGreenPower, ASF has partnered with DTE to implement a number of energy efficiency measures, which are expected to result in savings of around 30-50% of the company’s total energy use.

“As a family business, an American company headquartered in Michigan and a global supplier, we are committed to protecting the environment both here at home and abroad,” states Tony Giorgio, president of All State Fastener. “As the automotive industry continues to innovate, we want to contribute to the industry’s efforts to green its supply chain. DTE’s MIGreenPower program is helping us reduce our impact on the environment and meet our sustainability targets and those of our customers.”

“We’re proud of the impact MIGreenPower is making to Michigan’s sustainable future,” says Brian Calka, director of renewable solutions for DTE Energy. “Every enrollment is bringing more renewable energy to the grid, reducing carbon emissions and creating a cleaner Michigan for everyone. We are excited to welcome ASF to the program and partner with them to meet their sustainability goals.”

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