MHI Vestas Sources Blade Materials in Taiwan


MHI Vestas has confirmed a purchase agreement with Swancor to source several key blade manufacturing components in Taiwan.

This contract strengthens Swancor’s presence in the offshore wind sector and will deliver substantial value to the Taiwanese economy through knowledge sharing, jobs and direct investment.

The scope of the Swancor contract goes beyond local requirements for blade materials and covers a significant percentage of the direct materials’ value (including carbon tow, carbon pultrusion, resin and bonding glue).

This is the second purchase agreement signed by MHI Vestas related to blade production in Taiwan, following the selection of Tien Li Offshore Wind Technology Co. Ltd. to manufacture blades in a new facility to be built near Taichung Harbor.

“The addition of Swancor to our local suppliers is a significant boost to our ambitions in Taiwan,” says Maida Zahirovic, Taiwan Business Director. 

“The local supply chain is currently under development in Taiwan, and we are pleased to support an established group like Swancor broaden their presence in the offshore wind sector. We look forward to working together to create long-term Taiwanese jobs,” adds Zahirovic.

MHI Vestas has been awarded firm contracts for the Changfang and Xidao projects developed by CIP (total combined capacity of 589 MW), as well as preferred supplier status for the 300 MW Zhong Neng project developed by CSC and CIP.

This contract will support up to 570 jobs in blade material provision to Taiwan between 2020 and 2025. Additionally, up to $850 million in economic value (gross value added) will be added to the Taiwanese economy from blade material production and induced value.

MHI Vestas, along with CIP, is committed to delivering value to Taiwan across all components of turbine manufacturing. Beyond recent progress on blades and blade materials, MHI Vestas has also signed contracts in Taiwan for switchgear, cables, tower production and castings.

Photo: MHI Vestas’ blade

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