MGE’s Saratoga Wind Farm Joins The Electric Grid


Wisconsin utility Madison Gas and Electric (MGE) has announced that its 66 MW Saratoga Wind Farm is now fully operational.

Consisting of 33 Vestas turbines, the Saratoga Wind Farm is located about 200 miles west of Madison near Saratoga in Howard County, Iowa. The site was chosen for its strong winds and proximity to existing transmission infrastructure, notes MGE.

“Saratoga is serving MGE customers with cost-effective, clean electricity while adding new, more efficient wind technology to our energy supply mix,” says Jeff Keebler, MGE’s chairman, president and CEO. “MGE remains committed to driving carbon out of our energy supply mix and to reaching our carbon-reduction goals. Saratoga – and our other proposed renewable energy projects – are steps in our ongoing transition toward a more sustainable energy future.”

Saratoga’s turbines reach nearly 500 feet high, allowing them to take advantage of greater wind speeds and produce more energy. Saratoga is capable of generating enough emissions-free energy to power approximately 47,000 households.

Under its Energy 2030 framework, MGE has pledged to supply 30% of electric sales with renewable resources by 2030. MGE also is on a trajectory to reduce carbon emissions at least 40% from 2005 levels by 2030. Beyond 2030, MGE is targeting at least an 80% reduction in carbon emissions from 2005 levels by 2050.

The utility continues to evaluate other potential wind and solar sites as part of its transition toward using more renewable resources. Currently, the company is seeking regulatory approval to add 100 MW of solar to its energy mix.

Visit MGE’s renewable energy channel, Green View, for a look inside one of Saratoga’s wind turbines.

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