McPherson, Kan., Seeks Up To 20 MW Of Renewables


McPherson, Kan., Seeks Up To 20 MW Of Renewables The board of public utilities of the City of McPherson, Kan., has released a request for proposals from renewable energy providers for any amount and type of renewable energy up to 20 MW.

Proposals are due by Dec. 15; the BPU will then evaluate them to determine which will be added to the city's current portfolio.

The BPU notes that although it is motivated to entertain proposals, it does not want to compromise its competitive and stable rate structure, as electric intensive industrial customers in the city have an average industrial rate of $0.051/kWh in 2015. BPU credits its rates to an interconnect agreement with Westar Energy.

"Right now, prices for renewables are competitive, especially when the production tax credits that are currently available are figured in," comments Mark Wurm, BPU's assistant general manager. "BPU is looking at renewable options either off-site or on-site, if cost is favorable."

The BPU says its drivers to consider adding renewables are the Clean Power Plan and customers' increasingly close attention to their ecological footprint.

"The McPherson BPU wants to support customer renewability, sustainability and efficiency efforts and to be considered more of a partner in our customers' green initiatives," adds Kasi Morales, BPU key account manager.

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