MC2 Retiring Midwest Wind RECs On Earth Day


On Earth Day next Monday, MC Squared Energy Services LLC (MC2) – a retail electric supply company located in Chicago – is retiring Midwest-based Green-e wind renewable energy certificates (RECs) equal to 100% of customers’ energy consumption.

This includes all residential, commercial, educational and governmental customers served by MC2 in Illinois and Ohio, states in which the company is a certified retail electric supplier. These RECs are in addition to existing state-mandated renewable portfolio standard requirements.

Chuck Sutton, MC2 founder and president, was looking for a unique way to celebrate Earth Day. Now, MC2 is projected to retire RECs equivalent to over 2,800 metric tons of CO2 eliminated from the atmosphere on this day.

“Our efforts to reduce carbon emissions on Earth Day is just one way we as company can demonstrate our commitment to make the planet we live in a better and safer place for all of our customers,” says Sutton.

A REC represents 1 MWh of electricity that has been generated from a renewable energy source. Each REC is backed by Green-e, a provider of energy certification.

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