Mayflower Wind Utilizes Anbaric Transmission Assets in Project Bid


In response to a solicitation for offshore wind from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Mayflower Wind submitted a bid for a project utilizing transmission assets developed by Anbaric and purchased by Mayflower.

The Mayflower Wind project will bring clean offshore wind energy from its federal offshore energy lease area to Brayton Point in Somerset, Mass., laying the foundation for the broad repowering of the former site of New England’s largest coal plant.

Brayton Point’s grid infrastructure and waterfront location make it an ideal interconnection location for offshore wind. The Mayflower Wind offshore wind energy project will use state-of-the-art, high-voltage direct current technology that minimizes marine cabling, reduces energy losses and strengthens the New England grid. Over the past three years, Anbaric took steps to develop the site as an optimal location to integrate offshore wind into the New England electric grid before selling its transmission rights to Mayflower Wind earlier this summer.

“Anbaric specializes in developing grid infrastructure for clean energy, particularly repowering and repurposing existing infrastructure,” says Anbaric CEO Clarke Bruno. “Because Brayton Point was once the site of New England’s largest coal plant, we knew this was a critical grid connection point for the future of our region’s energy needs.”

“Over the past three years, we developed a project to bring wind power ashore at Brayton Point and create a clean energy hub to benefit the region with jobs and investment,” continues Bruno. “That infrastructure, initially developed by Anbaric and now owned by Mayflower, will soon be a critical piece of the puzzle to reach our region’s climate goals and replace one of New England’s largest sources of pollution with clean energy. We are thrilled to see this project moving forward as a prime example of an efficient approach to integrate offshore wind and enable the industry to scale.”

“Mayflower Wind’s project will bring clean energy to Massachusetts and economic development to the South Coast,” mentions Mayflower Wind CEO Michael Brown. “Anbaric identified and advanced an optimal transmission solution for offshore wind, providing Mayflower Wind with a mature interconnection that will enable our project to move ahead quickly and help the Commonwealth to achieve its decarbonization goals.”

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