Maryland Governor Releases Clean Energy Agenda

Gov. Martin O'Malley, D-Md., has released his 2010 Energy Agenda, which focuses on increasing renewable energy production and tax credits for Maryland.

The agenda includes offshore wind legislation to create an effective regulatory framework for offshore development. Additional proposed legislation calls for extending renewable energy tax credits for businesses interested in going green.

The O'Malley administration has introduced bills that are designed to reauthorize the renewable energy production tax credit that currently expires at the end of the year. The existing program cap of $25 million would remain.

Other legislation would support efforts to create an effective regulatory framework for offshore wind energy development by addressing gaps in existing regulatory authority. The proposal makes the necessary statutory changes in advance of formal offshore wind energy proposals and applications.

The legislation also clarifies the Public Service Commission's jurisdiction over transmission lines from offshore wind facilities and allows the construction of a submerged or buried renewable energy transmission line in the beach erosion control district under certain conditions.

SOURCE: Office of Gov. Martin O'Malley


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