Maine Report Finds Wind Energy Adds Local Jobs, Investment


A new report shows that Maine's wind power industry has invested more than $532 million in state-based projects since 2006 with an average of 1,560 jobs created annually.

The report, conducted by Maine economist Charles Colgan and commissioned by advocate Wind For Maine, also finds an additional $745 million will be invested in Maine wind projects by 2019.

‘The development of wind energy generation has become a significant industry in Maine,’ Colgan says. ‘The industry has brought substantial new investment into the state and created thousands of jobs, helping to diversify and strengthen Maine's economy.’

The report highlights the benefits of wind energy on Maine's construction economy.

‘Looking at the last few years, one of the only bright spots in the private-sector development has been in the energy sector,’ notes Matt Marks, CEO at Associated General Contractors of Maine. ‘The report indicates 6% of construction jobs, 1,400, will be supported by wind energy projects. There are very few other industries investing $1.28 billion in development.’

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