Low-Carbon Installation Vessel Funding for Floating Offshore Wind Awarded


The U.K. government has awarded funding to a Morek Engineering-led consortium to design a class of low-carbon installation vessel for the floating offshore wind market.

The consortium’s funding comes through the government’s Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition by the U.K. Department for Transport and delivered by Innovate U.K. Consortium members include Morek Engineering, Solis Marine Engineering, Tope Ocean, First Marine Solutions and Celtic Sea Power.

“The current offshore service fleet has limited capability and capacity,” says Morek Engineering’s Bob Colclough. 

“To reach the ambitious net zero targets set out by the U.K. government and other governments around the world, the offshore construction market will need to reach a serial production level which is unprecedented in offshore industries. Floating offshore wind needs a cost-effective solution to deliver serialized installation of huge moorings and floating foundation systems, whilst minimizing carbon emissions during the construction and maintenance of the next generation wind farms. We are going to develop the next generation of offshore wind construction vessels, meeting the challenge head on.”

The Demonstration Competition is part of the Department’s U.K. Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions program, a £206 million initiative focused on developing technology to decarbonise the U.K domestic maritime sector.

The outline vessel design will be ready for engagement to achieve approval in principle by early next year, says the consortium.

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