Longroad Expands Wind Solutions Agreement With WindESCo


In April 2018, WindESCo signed a project optimization contract with Longroad Energy for the 145 MW Milford Wind I project. Following the success of this project, Longroad has expanded the agreement to a second project, covering 306 MW in total.

WindESCo says its solutions are now actively optimizing over 20 wind farms covering eight turbine models.

WeBoost, WindESCo’s solution to increase plant output, uses proprietary analytics on existing SCADA data to optimize parameters for individual wind turbines, leading to measurably higher plant output, the company says.

No hardware installation is required on any turbine, and optimization is done at an individual turbine level. In addition, an increase in output is quantified using an approach approved by DNV GL. Other solutions offered by WindESCo include WeProtect (reducing failure of major components) and WeBoost Advanced (enabling “social wind farms” to increase plant output).

“We are happy to work closely with the Longroad asset management team to optimize their plant output. Our solutions ensure that turbines produce their maximum power output and not continue to lose cash due to undetected problems or non-optimized parameter settings,” says Mo Dua, CEO of WindESCo.

“WindESCo provides a unique value proposition,” adds Jeremy Law, head of asset management at Longroad. “They have been working closely with our team to ensure that our projects operate at high productivity. Based on our positive experience, we have decided to expand WeBoost to a second wind project.”

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