Leosphere Unveils New Line of WindCube Scan Dual Lidars


Leosphere, a Vaisala company that specializes in developing, manufacturing and servicing turnkey wind lidar instruments for wind energy, has unveiled its new WindCube Scan Dual Lidar Ready offering. 

Leosphere says its WindCube platform enables offshore wind project developers and operators to reduce multiple sources of uncertainty and gain a comprehensive picture of wind resource profiles by observing an offshore location from several positions.

“As the utilization of offshore wind energy continues its massive growth in regions around the globe, projects are evolving to include larger turbines, increased heights and denser installations,” says Matthieu Boquet, head of products and wind energy at Leosphere. “By simultaneously providing complete, spatial wind data from several strategically selected positions, this new offering supports the offshore evolution by significantly increasing the quantity and dramatically improving the quality of wind data in a cost-efficient way.”

Utilizing two WindCube Scan devices located on the shore or on offshore platforms, this unparalleled approach delivers accurate wind mapping with typical ranges up to 10 kilometers from several positions at once. The solution leverages intersecting beams for better coverage and accuracy, reducing vertical and horizontal uncertainty, and enabling fine assessment of turbulence intensity for turbine suitability. The result is a richer understanding of nearshore wind resources, improved reliability and great campaign cost-effectiveness, notes the company.

The WindCube Scan Dual Lidar Ready offering delivers the following benefits:

  • Reduced uncertainty in the assessment of wind resources
  • Reliable data for difficult-to-assess waterways and sites
  • Cost-efficiency and high operational continuity
  • Easy deployment and operation from shore or on fixed offshore platforms

Following the successful completion of several customer offshore wind projects across a variety of situations, the company provides the technical support and guidance customers need in order to prepare and operate dual-lidar solutions. In addition, the global reach and large network of factories and service centers available ensure customers receive the service and support they need.

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