Leading Light Wind Gains Access to BNOW Supply Chain Connect Database


The Business Network for Offshore Wind (BNOW) has partnered with Leading Light Wind, an American-led offshore wind project in the New York Bight, to provide the project direct access to the BNOW’s Supply Chain Connect database through the Direct Connect platform. The new platform will help further develop a local supply chain for the project.

“We are excited to partner with the Leading Light Wind team by providing Direct Connect, a valuable tool designed to help build out a localized offshore wind supply chain,” says Liz Burdock, BNOW’s founder and CEO. “This collaboration will open doors to U.S.-based companies wanting to grow their business in this fast-growing renewable industry that will create local jobs, bolster local economies, and ultimately contribute to providing clean, reliable energy to more than 1.9 million homes.”

The BNOW’s Direct Connect program provides U.S. offshore wind developers, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and tier-1 suppliers direct access to critical information in the network’s database. These tools allow users to build out projects and create project-based localized supply chains to meet regulatory and project requirements and spur local economic growth. Direct Connect users can access information on thousands of companies, manufacturers, research institutions, and other organizations involved in the U.S. offshore wind supply chain.

“The offshore wind industry is a transformational opportunity for our region’s economic growth and tools like this are integral to connecting companies that are growing with the industry to meet the needs of the offshore wind supply chain” says Wes Jacobs, project director of Leading Light Wind. “As the only American-led project in the New York Bight, we are excited about the Direct Connect platform and its ability to facilitate the creation of a U.S. based supply chain.”

Leading Light Wind will have direct access to nearly 3,000 companies listed in Supply Chain Connect and will be able to search for supply chain partners and organize information related to MWBE status, certifications, number of employees, and experience in the offshore wind industry.

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