KORE Power Enters MoU with Northern Reliability


KORE Power, a developer of energy storage systems, has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Northern Reliability Inc. (NRI), a U.S.-based energy storage system integrator and manufacturer of control systems and software.

The MoU provides for the formation of a strategic alliance between KORE Power and NRI for energy storage projects, allowing the companies to combine their efforts to increase business and sales opportunities utilizing NRI’s energy storage system engineering, procurement and construction services, and KORE Power’s Mark 1 battery energy storage system. 

“KORE Power brings to the table a critical element which NRI has been searching for in its stable of components – a domestically produced lithium energy storage system,” says Jay Bellows, president and CEO of NRI.

“Not only can the NRI-KORE alliance help to solve some of the supply-side security concerns of the U.S. governmental entities and U.S. utilities, but it finally offers a cost-effective solution that can provide comparable performance to other foreign-made suppliers with reduced freight costs and product lead times,” he adds.

NRI provides off-the-shelf customizable power and energy storage solutions for a variety of applications. Additionally, NRI’s products are operational under all conditions around the world using clean power derived from solar, wind and conventional fuel sources. 

KORE Power’s Mark 1 system is scalable to meet any energy demand and is designed to operate in both off-grid and grid-tied environments.

NRI recently announced its development of commercial and utility-scale energy storage solutions ranging from 0.5 MWh upwards to 400 MWh. These recent advances enable NRI to work with its utility customers on the development of an operating model that takes advantage of potential revenue streams to assist in offsetting operating costs.

Photo: A Northern Reliability Inc. energy storage solution

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