Keystone, JBO Combine Wind Design Experience in New Engineering Partnership


Keystone Engineering Inc. and Jörss-Blunck-Ordemann GmbH (JBO) are working together to provide offshore wind farm designs that are tailor-made to the nascent U.S. offshore wind industry.

As the offshore wind industry in the U.S. gains more momentum, it is becoming more apparent that the U.S. industry poses significant differences in key areas of design compared to other parts of the world. The Keystone and JBO partnership combines the European advancements of the last two decades with the experience and local knowledge of American design codes, offshore environmental loads, supply chain, and federal and state regulations, all while being performed under the direct supervision of licensed professional engineers.

“Keystone is a pioneer design firm and a leader in U.S. offshore wind for the last 15 years and the partnership with our colleagues at JBO magnifies our commitment to advance this industry in the U.S.,” says Adam Rogge, Keystone’s CEO. “This collaboration is a significant step towards expanding our service offerings to the U.S. offshore wind developers and paving the way to creating a sustainable industry in the U.S.”

“JBO has been active in developing European and Asian offshore wind farms since its early start,” mentions Walid Al Otaibi, director of offshore at JBO. “Together with Keystone, we adapted the holistic design approach, in which all design activities can be performed in-house. Offering the combined experience of both companies is our way of supporting the sustainable development of the offshore wind energy sector in the U.S.”

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