KenzFigee Contracts with LiftWerx for Up-Tower Cranes


KenzFigee has signed a contract with LiftWerx for delivery of three up-tower cranes, comprising a TeleHook, a Heli-Hook crane and a GenHook able to perform generator and gearbox exchanges on a wide range of wind turbines, both offshore and onshore.

These zero-emission cranes, fully powered by wind turbine backfeed power, will be added to LiftWerx’s European fleet of up-tower cranes for turbine repairs in the 2 MW to 10 MW range. This new crane package offers a lifting capacity of 30 tons and is suitable for fixed-to-fixed lifting applications on offshore wind turbines up to 10 MW.

With its hoisting capacity of 30 tons, the GenHook crane is an important addition to LiftWerx’s current fleet of up-tower cranes, intended to supplement the current market demand for major component exchanges in Europe.

KenzFigee’s up-tower cranes are specifically designed to be temporarily installed in wind turbine nacelles, used for major component exchanges. Besides driving down overall repair costs, these up-tower cranes offer many benefits compared to using large conventional cranes, and their operation creates no carbon footprint.

“KenzFigee congratulates LiftWerx on the milestone that this order will bring their fleet to a total of 40 cranes across North America and Europe,” says Maikel Takken, CEO of KenzFigee. “This transaction further emphasizes the high demand for major component exchange solutions in the onshore and offshore markets. We consider ourselves privileged to be part of this growing market, and by innovating side-by-side with our clients and partners, we will be able to take operational efficiency to new heights.”

“We are really excited with this decision,” adds Glen Aitken, president of LiftWerx. “Over the past five years, we have been working with KenzFigee to develop the best up-tower cranes in the wind energy industry. With each investment, continuous improvements have been made. As the world’s largest user of up-tower cranes, I can say that we have certainly achieved our goals, and we are proud of what we have developed as a group. With a simple, user-friendly design, no ground footprint, no carbon emissions, and the ability to work both offshore and onshore, the GenHook crane is, by far, the best up-tower crane in the world.

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