Kansas Governor Creates Kansas Interagency Working Group For Wind Energy


Gov. Mark Parkinson, D-Kan., has signed an executive order establishing the Kansas Interagency Working Group for Wind Energy. The group will serve as a resource hub with relevant information necessary to optimize and expedite wind energy planning.

The Kansas Interagency Working Group for Wind Energy will bring together representatives from all relevant state agencies to ensure responsible wind expansion in Kansas and appropriate interagency communication between various levels of government.

The group will also monitor Kansas' transmission developments, foster advanced development in the renewable energy sector and provide information about workforce services in Kansas. Additionally, the group will provide advice and council to the governor on issues concerning wind in Kansas, as well as periodically report to the governor accomplishments and activities within the industry.

The Kansas Interagency Working Group for Wind Energy was established upon recommendation from Lt. Gov. Troy Findley and the governor's 2010 Energy Subcabinet Report. Secretary of Commerce Bill Thornton has been named chair of the group.

SOURCE: Office of Gov. Mark Parkinson

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