Indiana’s NIPSCO Purchasing Full Capacity Of 300 MW Apex Project


Apex Clean Energy has announced a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Northern Indiana Public Service Co. (NIPSCO) for 300 MW of wind power.

The 20-year deal represents the full capacity of Apex’s Roaming Bison Wind project, located in Montgomery County, Ind. Construction of the wind farm is planned for 2020.

“Roaming Bison Wind will deliver long-term economic and environmental benefits to residential and industrial customers across northwestern Indiana,” says Mark Goodwin, president and CEO of Apex Clean Energy. “NIPSCO is taking advantage of strong, local wind resources and low generation costs to accelerate the shift from aging coal plants. At the same time, the vital community support shown by the residents of Montgomery County will yield tremendous returns in terms of economic benefits – both to the county and to landowners involved in the project.”

The utility recently announced a major strategic shift from coal to renewable sources.

“Making the transition to renewable energy is critical to our long-term plan to move toward a more affordable and sustainable energy future,” adds NIPSCO’s president, Violet Sistovaris. “The Roaming Bison project plays an important role in our overall plan that will equate to an estimated $4 billion in cost-savings over the long-term for customers.”

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