Ilmatar Offshore, Ramboll Finland Expand Cooperation for Offshore Wind Area


Ilmatar Offshore has been granted a seabed survey permit for the new 1.2 GW offshore wind project area Vagskar, located in the Finnish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the southern part of the Bothnian Sea.

Ramboll Finland is contracted for the environmental impact assessment (EIA), and studies are under way.

A positive statement for further studies was delivered from the Finnish Defense Forces in August 2022, and a seabed survey permit was recently granted by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and Economy.

While waiting for the seabed survey permit, Ilmatar Offshore contracted Ramboll Finland to start the area’s EIA based on existing data.

In the EIA, impacts to sea nature and other potential impacts are identified and assessed. Cumulative impacts with other projects and potential transboundary impacts to other countries will be an essential part of the Vagskar EIA, says Sanna Sopanen, marine biologist and environmental consultant, Ramboll Finland.

Technical and environmental studies will be conducted in the project area throughout 2023 and 2024. According to the preliminary schedule, the EIA work for Vagskar will be finalized in mid-2025.

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