Iberdrola Completes Monopile Install at Baltic Eagle Offshore Wind Farm


Iberdrola, together with its partner Van Oord, has successfully installed all 50 monopiles for the Baltic Eagle offshore wind farm, located in the Baltic Sea, north of the German island of Rugen.

The next step in the ongoing construction phase will be the installation of the transition pieces, which were manufactured by Spanish company Windar Renovables and temporarily stored in the port of Mukran.

The installation of the wind farm’s internal cabling by Van Oord is planned for the end of the year.

Rostock-based company EEW SPC manufactured the monopiles, which are 29-30 feet in diameter and between 246 and 295 feet long. Afterward, they were transported floating from the port of Rostock to the Baltic Eagle offshore construction field. Van Oord’s heavy-lift installation vessel Svanen then helped to position them. The monopiles were then driven into the seabed.

With a production capacity of 476 MW, Baltic Eagle will supply approximately 475,000 households with renewable energy. The project is scheduled to be fully operational by the end of 2024. Baltic Eagle is the second of three large-scale projects in Germany for Iberdrola. It already operates the 350 MW Wikinger offshore wind farm and is developing the 300 MW Windanker project, which will be completed in 2026. This trio of offshore wind farms form Iberdrola’s Baltic Hub. It will have a total capacity of more than 1.1 GW in 2026, with a combined investment of around $3.9 billion.

In Germany, Iberdrola has brought all its business activities under the wholly owned subsidiary Iberdrola Deutschland. The company, headquartered in Berlin, is the largest operator of offshore wind farms in the German Baltic Sea. With its offshore and onshore business divisions, Iberdrola Deutschland is active in the planning, construction and operation of offshore and onshore wind farms as well as photovoltaic projects.

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