Iberdrola, Amazon Partner for a Cleaner and Smarter Energy System


Iberdrola, a clean energy company, and Amazon have partnered on a global collaboration to support the development of large-scale renewable energy projects and leverage cloud computing technology to enhance digitalization in the energy transition. 

The companies have agreed to collaborate on new wind and solar capacity by signing power purchase agreements for projects in Europe, the U.S. and the Asia-Pacific region.

The agreements will help Amazon power its operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025. Two of Iberdrola’s offshore wind farms in Germany (Baltic Eagle and Windanker) will provide Amazon with 1.1 TWh of clean energy each year, which is equivalent to the annual electricity needs of more than 314,000 European homes. 

Baltic Eagle is located in the Baltic Sea, north of the island of Rügen and will have a total capacity of 476 MW when completed in 2024. Windanker, also located in the Baltic Sea, will have 300 MW of installed capacity and will be completed in 2026. 

The projects form part of Iberdrola’s Baltic Hub, which will have a total capacity of 1,100 MW. In addition to the agreement with Amazon for renewable energy, Iberdrola has selected Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) as its preferred cloud provider. AWS will support the energy company as it embarks on further digitalization to support smarter grids, customer engagement and connected clean power.

“AWS provides the reliability, scale and cost-efficient IT infrastructure that will allow Iberdrola to optimize renewable energy production, modernize the power grid to integrate renewable energy sources, and enhance visibility across its operations,” says Matt Garman, senior vice president of sales, marketing and global services at AWS. 

Through this collaboration Iberdrola will benefit from the recently launched AWS Europe (Spain) Region and AWS cloud services to drive the energy company’s ambitious digitalization transformation plans. This includes collaborating on multiple sustainability-focused projects. For example, the companies are developing an advanced smart assistant application that will empower Iberdrola customers to take an active role in the energy transition. 

The application leverages services like AWS Lambda—a serverless, event-driven compute service for running code without provisioning or managing servers—and Amazon SageMaker—an AWS service that helps customers build, train and deploy machine learning models—to facilitate the connectivity to devices like EV chargers and solar panels and controls them autonomously to reduce energy bills and carbon footprint.

Other projects include renewable energy production optimization and smart grid innovations like helping to develop the electricity substation of the future using the Internet of Things and digital twins. 

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