Huisman Awarded Subsea Crane Contract for Toyo Construction Vessel


Huisman has been awarded a contract from VARD for the delivery of an electric 250 mt hybrid boom subsea crane and a 200 mt knuckle boom crane, for integration into Toyo Construction’s latest cable-lay and construction vessel.

Huisman says its hybrid boom crane includes an electric traction and storage winch design that can be used on large diameter subsea wire rope. The company added that the crane is equipped with hydraulic passive and active heave compensation systems, this crane guarantees superior workability offshore. 

The knuckle boom crane is part of the company’s recently launched subsea crane range for offshore construction vessels. Both cranes will be manufactured at Huisman’s production facility in Zhangzhou, China.

“We are honored to announce our partnership with Toyo Construction as an esteemed new client in Japan,” says David Roodenburg, CEO of Huisman. “We take pride in supplying cutting-edge equipment for their multi-purpose construction vessel, empowering Toyo to excel in offshore construction in Japan and beyond.”

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