Homecoming Capital to Invest $50 Million in Offshore Wind Port Terminals


Homecoming Capital has made an initial $50 million commitment to Clean Energy Terminals (CET), who plans on using the investment to execute early-stage development work on a portfolio of newbuild and redeveloped offshore wind ports along the U.S. east and west coasts. 

Led by CEO Brian Sabina and CDO Jonathan Kennedy, CET is leveraging its executives’ past experience with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority to work in partnership with public port authorities, harbor districts and municipalities to develop port projects.

“As a partner to industry-leading teams, we see firsthand the significant impact zero-emission infrastructure has on accelerating the energy transition,” says Cody Evans, co-founder and partner at Homecoming. 

“By developing the ports necessary to enable offshore wind, CET is poised to accelerate gigawatts of offshore wind deployment in the years to come. The CET team’s deep experience liaising between the private and public sectors to meet project developer, local community and government needs, coupled with their technical and commercial expertise, makes them uniquely qualified to be the nation’s leading private offshore wind port infrastructure developer. We are excited to partner with CET to achieve their vision and advance the development of the offshore wind industry.”

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