GRL Engineers: Quality Assurance Foundation Testing for Offshore Wind


As offshore wind farms become widespread, so does the need for quality assurance testing of their foundations. For over 40 years, GRL Engineers Inc. has helped achieve successful pile foundation installations on offshore platforms and structures in fields throughout the world. This offshore foundation expertise translates seamlessly to the installation of offshore wind farms supported on pile foundations.

GRL Engineers first performs a pile drivability study using the Offshore Wave version of the GRLWEAP wave equation analysis program. With this software program, a GRL engineer can assess the drivability of the chosen pile type to the required penetration depth, as well as the suitability of the proposed impact driving or vibratory installation system for a successful pile foundation installation.

Once pile installation begins, GRL Engineers monitors pile driving stresses, driving system performance and, for impact driven piles, the static resistance to driving.  GRL further evaluates the soil resistance to driving by performing CAPWAP analyses on collected impact hammer data. These analyses provide an assessment of shaft resistance and end bearing at the time of testing. Due to the costs and harsh work environment of offshore construction, GRL Engineers staffs offshore projects with multiple personnel and backup test equipment.

GRL Engineers has 12 offices within the U.S. and more than 40 accomplished engineers, many with advanced degrees and more than 10 years of experience. To learn more about GRL Engineers or offshore pile testing and monitoring, click here or contact

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