GRL: At the Foundation of Offshore Wind Success


Offshore wind turbine foundations are installed in challenging construction environments, where the reliability of test measurements is essential due to project time and cost considerations.

GRL Engineers has helped achieve successful pile installation for offshore platforms in fields throughout the world. This expertise translates seamlessly to the installation of offshore wind farms supported by driven piles. Offshore projects require backup test systems and highly experienced personnel to staff the round-the-clock construction activity.

GRL has performed dynamic pile monitoring on over 250 offshore projects around the world. In the U.S., these projects have been located in the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean offshore California, and in Cook Inlet, Alaska.

GRL has also performed offshore dynamic pile monitoring services in the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, Bay of Cambay, Bay of Campeche, Black Sea, Bohai Sea, Caribbean Sea, Caspian Sea, East China Sea, Lake Maracaibo, North Sea, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, South Atlantic Ocean, and the South China Sea.

Dynamic pile monitoring services have been performed with conventional above-water Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) gauges, as well as up to 600 feet below sea level with our waterproof underwater PDA gauges and cables.

GRL Engineers’ long experience providing dynamic pile analysis and pile-driving monitoring services can greatly contribute to the success of your offshore wind construction project. For more information, click here.

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