Greensolver Launches Blade Inspection Service


Greensolver, a Paris-based wind and solar farm asset manager, has launched a new wind turbine blade inspection service in partnership with Cornis.

The company says its service, which utilizes a Cornis Blade Inspection camera system, enables owners and operators to assess six to seven onshore turbines, or a minimum of three offshore turbines, every day.

Greensolver now provides clients with comprehensive blade inspection reports in hard copy and via a Cornis Web portal. As part of the agreement between the two firms, Greensolver has leased and purchased the equipment and fully trained its team of engineers. Cornis will work directly with Greensolver to process the data and produce the reports.

"Based on our own experience of managing an extensive European fleet, traditional blade inspection services that include rope access, mobile elevated working platforms, ground scope and the use of drones and helicopters are expensive, inefficient and arguably pose an unnecessary health and safety risk when used as the sole means of initial inspection," says Stephen Bolton, general manager of Greensolver UK. "This, combined with the experience and feedback from our long-term retained client base, led us to a partnership with Cornis Blade Inspection."

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