Google To Buy Power From Avangrid Wind Duo In S.D.

Avangrid Renewables has signed a new wind contract with Google for 196 MW of new South Dakota wind power.

The power purchase agreements (PPAs) will cover the full output of Avangrid Renewables’ Coyote Ridge and Tatanka Ridge wind farms in Brookings and Deuel counties, located just northeast of Brookings and east of I-29.

The wind farms, each at 98 MW, will produce enough energy each year to power the equivalent of more than 50,000 average households with clean energy. Once the wind farms come online, the additional capacity will help Google reach its goal of purchasing enough renewable energy to match its energy consumption for global operations, says Avangrid.

Avangrid also anticipates that the two wind farms will contribute more than $40 million over their lifetimes in combined land lease and tax payments.

“Working with partners like Google who have made a commitment to 100 percent renewable energy for their global operations is exciting and inspiring,” says Laura Beane, Avangrid Renewables’ president and CEO. “This partnership creates a positive impact in these local communities – delivering jobs, new investment and economic development for rural America while advancing our country’s energy independence.”

In addition to these new projects, Avangrid Renewables already owns and operates the 210 MW Buffalo Ridge II project in Brookings and Deuel counties; the 50.4 MW Buffalo Ridge I project, southeast of the proposed Coyote Ridge project; and 50 MW from the 150 MW MinnDakota Wind Farm in Brookings County. Upon commercial operations of Coyote Ridge and Tatanka Ridge, the company will own and operate more than 500 MW of wind power in South Dakota.

Avangrid Renewables is finalizing its development work at the Coyote Ridge and Tatanka Ridge projects and expects the projects to be in full construction by 2019.


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