GEV Launches U.K., U.S. Training Facilities


GEV Wind Power is investing in its network of training facilities, with the aim of bridging the global skills gap for technicians.

The group has established the North American Wind Academy at its Texas headquarters, providing accredited Global Wind Organization (GWO) blade repair courses and trade testing programs to assess technician competence.

GEV has also built on the success of its U.K. training academy in Hull by introducing a new turbine training initiative allowing technicians to conduct rope access procedures and technology applications at the Port of Blyth’s Wind Turbine Training Facility.

“The launch of these facilities is another significant development for GEV,” says David Fletcher, GEV’s CEO. 

“It is part of our wider global mission to further invest in and up-skill our dedicated technician pool while also building confidence for both technicians and clients on future projects. Offering certified training for newly qualified technicians and ensuring technicians possess the specific in-field skills to excel on client projects globally is pivotal to enhancing technical competence and offering the best possible readiness for technicians.”

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