Geronimo Energy Funds Charitable Component Of Courtenay Wind Farm

Geronimo Energy LLC, a renewable energy development company based in Minneapolis, has made a lump sum donation to fund the entirety of the Courtenay Community Fund, which is designed to benefit the communities near the Courtenay Wind Farm, located near Courtenay, N.D.

The gift was made as the charitable giving component of the wind project, which Geronimo Energy sold to Xcel Energy in 2015.

The donation is intended to fund annual charitable dispersals of up to $40,000 per year over a 20-year period, totaling an estimated $800,000. The Courtenay Community Fund will be administered by the North Dakota Community Foundation, which will act as the official 501(c)3 entity. However, grant dispersal will be advised by a local board of community members and Courtenay Wind Farm participating landowners.

The Courtenay Community Fund Board will begin dispersing grant applications to local community members this year. Awarded applicants must be associated with a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

“Geronimo was founded with deep roots in agriculture and an understanding and respect for farming practices,” says Blake Nixon, CEO of Geronimo Energy. “Geronimo’s farmer-friendly development approach, including its commitment to charitable giving, ensures that each of our projects will benefit the local area for years to come. By reinvesting in our local cities and towns, Geronimo and community members are working together towards building stronger rural communities.”


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