Geoquip Gathers Data for MarramWind Floating Offshore Farm


Geoquip Marine, a specialist in acquiring, analyzing and reporting global offshore geotechnical data, will be gathering engineering information to support the proposed MarramWind floating offshore wind farm.

Located approximately 47 miles off the northeast coast of Scotland, MarramWind is a joint venture between ScottishPower and Shell Global. The partners have chosen Geoquip Marine as their marine data specialist for site exploration and geotechnical data collation, which will help inform the project development and design.

To support the project, Geoquip Marine will perform a complete geotechnical investigation to gather soil and geotechnical data for developing an engineering ground model.

This model is essential for feasibility studies, including the design and installation assessments of various necessary components, such as anchors for the floating platforms, fixed foundations for the offshore substation and inter-array cable systems.

Geoquip’s Seehorn vessel will perform the MarramWind survey work, which will continue into 2024 when down-hole work using one of Geoquip Marine’s integrated geotechnical survey vessels will take place.

Richard Eakin, project director for MarramWind, says: “Floating wind will be a global gamechanger for the offshore renewables industry, and we’re really excited that MarramWind could be one of the first commercial-scale floating offshore wind farms in the world.”

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