First Rock Supply Subcontract Signed for U.S. Offshore Wind


Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corp., the largest provider of dredging services in the United States, has signed the first ever subcontract for the procurement of rock for a U.S. offshore wind farm with Carver Sand & Gravel LLC, a U.S. quarry in New York.

Through this subcontract, Great Lakes will use rock to provide scour protection for offshore wind turbine foundations and substations at Equinor and bp’s Empire Wind I and Empire Wind II wind farms. The rock will be quarried locally, transported to the quayside on the Hudson River and loaded onto Great Lakes’ rock installation vessel, the Acadia, which will begin sailing to the wind farms in 2025 to install the rock.

Great Lakes and Carver will be developing the first U.S. rock supply chain for offshore wind, including the quarry producing the rock, the stockpiling and transportation of the rock to the quayside, the port and loading facilities that will load the rock installation vessel and other facilities along the Hudson River that will help guide the vessel in the river way.

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