Falck, BlueFloat Collaborate on Energy Floating Offshore Wind Farm


Tibula Energia is the name of the latest floating offshore wind project off the northeastern coast of Sardinia, proposed by Falck Renewables and BlueFloat Energy as part of the partnership between the two companies.

The wind farm will have 62 floating wind turbines, positioned at a distance from the coast ranging from a minimum of 25 to a maximum of 40 kilometers. The turbines will be almost imperceptible to the human eye from the coast. There will be a total installed capacity of 975 MW, with expected annual production of more than 3.4 TWh, equivalent to the consumption of over 900,000 households.

In addition to the production of green energy, the project aims to support the sustainable growth of local communities through initiatives which will benefit the area, such as plant co-ownership opportunities or support for community-led projects.

Exploratory research into local sea and wind conditions, environmental impacts and industrial infrastructures has been underway over the past 12 months. The request for a maritime concession was submitted on May 6. The authorization process with the Ministry of Ecological Transition will begin in the next few weeks. 

“We feel that the value of our projects is measured by their ability to benefit local communities,” says Ksenia Balanda, Tibula Energia’s technical director. “Through dialogue and engaging with local people, we aim to create a development model focused on collaboration with local communities to support their goals.”

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