Exploits Valley Renewable Wins Bid to Develop Newfoundland Project


The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology of Newfoundland & Labrador (IET) has issued a Wind Application Recommendation Letter to Exploits Valley Renewable Energy Corp. (EVREC) for EVREC’s P2X-wind to green energy vector development, which it submitted in response to the Crown Land Call for Bids for Wind Energy Projects.

Under the bid process of the IET, EVREC, a renewable energy transition company focused on large-scale, complex energy transition projects, has demonstrated its ability to bring a team with proven execution capability, a commitment to environmental stewardship, technological innovation and leadership and a strong community engagement process in this successful outcome.

The second stage of the process assessed EVREC’s experience, the proposed project, financing plan, electricity and infrastructure requirements (energy, water, other infrastructure), community and indigenous engagement, and social and economic benefits to Newfoundland & Labrador and the Central region.

With the receipt of the Wind Application Recommendation Letter, EVREC has been granted an exclusive right to pursue the proposed project’s development through the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Crown land application and approval process. EVREC expects to include this letter as part of its Crown lands application for its corresponding Wind Energy Project to the Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture (FFA).

EVREC may also apply for additional Crown lands (if required) to facilitate ancillary items to execute its project, including, but not limited to, transmission corridor, pipeline corridor, limited access roads to access such corridors, buildings or wharves. Any award of such lands will still be subject to the Crown Lands processes and fees as well as the Environmental Assessment process.

“It is clear to me that Central Newfoundlanders are very proud of their region and its history as an economic engine for the province, understand the benefits of a project like EVREC’s and what it will mean for their communities,” says James Colter Eadie, founder and CEO, EVREC. “Our constructive engagement has shown me that Central Newfoundland is open to participating in this industry with a partner that can adequately demonstrate its commitment to responsible stewardship of the region’s assets.”

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