EverWind Buys Nova Scotia Wind Farms to Develop with RES


EverWind Fuels will purchase three wind farm development projects: Windy Ridge, and in partnership with Membertou, Bear Lake and Kmtnuk, representing approximately 530 MW. The wind farms will represent a private investment in renewable energy generation in Nova Scotia to power Phase 1 of EverWind’s green hydrogen and ammonia project.

“The global fight against climate change requires us to work together to get long-term investments in clean, renewable energy over the finish line,” says Trent Vichie, CEO of EverWind. “This investment helps Nova Scotia move more quickly and cost-effectively towards its clean energy transition.”

To develop and build the wind farms, EverWind will partner with Renewable Energy Systems Ltd. (RES), the largest private developer of renewable power in the world, having constructed over 23 GW of wind farms and currently operating over 12 GW of wind. RES has been working in Canada since 2003, including extensive work in Nova Scotia.

The three new wind projects will increase the total amount of wind-generated electricity on Nova Scotia Power’s grid and bring Nova Scotia Power closer to meeting the provincial mandate of 80% renewable energy sales by 2030.

Any green power in excess of EverWind’s requirements can be made available to Nova Scotia Power for consumption by customers and provide benefits in terms of cost provided by the recently passed Canadian government investment tax credit for renewable generation.

“Every wind project we consider building is conditional on ensuring that we do not remove a single watt slated for domestic residential, commercial or industrial usage from Nova Scotia’s grid,” Vichie says. “In fact, we are picking up the bill to produce net new clean energy, and any excess electricity generated at these projects will be made immediately available for domestic use. We will have the ability to scale our production to add resiliency to the grid during periods of peak demand.”

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