Evergy Seeks to Add More Wind Energy to Portfolio


Evergy has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for wind energy to supply the needs of its customers.

The RFP solicits bids for Evergy’s purchase of wind resources of up to 1,000 MW that will be in service by 2026. Projects that achieve commercial operation by mid-2024 and year-end 2025 will be given preference. Wind resources must be a minimum of 50 MW and interconnect to the Southwest Power Pool (SPP).

Siting preference will be given to projects located in Kansas. Proposals are due by Nov. 23.

Evergy has outlined its plan to expand ownership of renewable energy and to retire fossil-fueled generation as the company works toward its 2045 target for net zero carbon emissions. These wind projects would fulfill the plan to add up to 1,000 MW of wind energy by 2026 with projects that benefit from production tax credits.

Photo by ZHANG FENGSHENG on Unsplash

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