ESNA, Strategic Marine to Develop Surface Effect Ship CTV for Offshore Market


ESNA and Strategic Marine have signed an agreement to develop a surface effect ship crew transfer vessel (SES CTV) for offshore wind applications, with a focus on combining higher speed, increased operational wave height and reduced fuel oil consumption.

Construction on the first vessel is expected to begin later this year. ESNA is supplying the vessel design package and an equipment package for the main SES systems. 

“Strategic Marine was a natural choice for ESNA to team up with to further commercialize our technology and designs after having worked with them on other projects and experiencing first hand their excellent shipbuilding capabilities,” says Trygve Halvorsen Espeland, ESNA’s naval architect and co-founder.

The companies have worked together previously on AIRCAT Vessels for three SES crew boats for oil and gas, also due for completion this year. 

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