EPA Issues Proposed Permit for Revolution Offshore Wind Project


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a proposed air quality permit to Revolution Wind LLC. The permit includes air pollution control requirements for the construction and operation of a wind farm of up to 880 MW. 

EPA will accept public comments on the proposed permit for until May 1.

The permit would regulate pollutants from outer continental shelf (OCS) sources such as jack-up barges and electrical service platforms. Additionally, emissions associated with generators used to air-condition electronics storage spaces would also be regulated.

“Issuing a Clean Air Act permit for emissions associated with construction activity ensures that the vessels working to construct the wind farm operate with the best available technology to reduce emissions of air pollution during the construction and ongoing operation of the wind farm,” says David W. Cash, EPA’s New England regional administrator.  

If issued as proposed, the permit would allow construction to begin on the offshore wind development area (WDA) located in federal waters in the northern portion of OCS Lease Area 0486, approximately 7.5 nautical miles south of Nomans Land Island, Mass. The WDA facility will consist of up to 100 offshore wind turbine generators and their foundations, two offshore substations and inter-array cables. 

When built, the 880 MW Revolution Wind energy project will generate 30 GW of energy by 2030.

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