Eolus Submits Application for Najaderna Offshore Wind Project


Eolus has submitted its permit application for the Najaderna offshore wind project to the Sweden government and its Land and Environment Court. 

The project, which will comprise up to 67 wind turbines, is planned for approximately 17 km off the coast within Tierp’s municipality in Uppsala County. Its estimated annual electricity production will be up to 5 TW, says the company. 

“Najaderna is an important project in a region with significant investments, and the location has been carefully selected to allow the wind project to coexist with other interests without compromising the sensitive marine environment,” says Anna Lundsgård, Eolus’ head of offshore. 

“The water depth allows us to build closer to land with existing technology, keeping costs down as the electricity does not need to be transported such long distances. This lowers the electricity price for individuals and businesses, and we can create jobs for the region.”

The permit application, including an environmental impact assessment, was submitted to both the Land and Environment Court and the government because the project is located both in the territorial waters and in Sweden’s economic zone. 

Eolus hopes for a 2028 construction start. 

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