EnTrust Global Launches Maritime Holding Company, Purus Marine


EnTrust Global, an asset management firm, has launched Purus Marine, a maritime holding company that owns environmentally advanced vessels and infrastructure equipment. Julian Proctor, who brings more than 24 years of experience in the maritime industry, will serve as a board member and CEO.

The company serves a wide variety of maritime sectors, including offshore wind.

“As the maritime industry confronts the challenges of climate change, Purus Marine is strongly positioned to meet our customers’ increasing demands for low-carbon vessels and equipment,” says Proctor.

Purus Marine has formed its first partnership, called DP Lease, with Damen Shipyards Group of the Netherlands. DP Lease will focus on owning electric and hybrid-electric ferries, towage and harbor equipment – contracted out to Damen’s clients.

For more information on Purus Marine’s offshore wind solutions, click here.

Photo: Julian Proctor

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