energyRe Submits Offshore Wind Transmission Proposals to NYISO


energyRe has submitted proposals, collectively dubbed the Clean Borough Power Link, in response to the New York Independent System Operator’s (NYISO) New York City Public Policy Transmission Need (PPTN). 

The proposals seek to expand New York’s transmission system in order to accommodate varying levels of offshore wind injection from lease areas in the New York Bight and off the coast of Massachusetts. 

“New transmission is essential for the reliable deployment of offshore wind, and energyRe is ready to modernize New York’s electric grid in support of the state’s clean energy goals,” says Ryan Brown, COO of energyRe. “energyRe’s proposals represent our expertise, experience and record of effective partnership with the Empire State.”

energyRe previously developed Clean Path New York, an infrastructure project combining a 175-mile, 1,300 MW HVDC transmission line with 3,800 MW of wind and solar power. 

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