Enel Green Power Investigates Fallen Turbine Blade At New York Wind Farm


Investigators are looking into why a 113-foot wind turbine blade fell off of a Goldwind turbine at Enel Green Power’s Fenner wind farm in Madison County, N.Y., on the morning of Feb. 11. Nobody was injured in the incident.

The 30 MW wind farm has operated since 2001 and is made up of 19 GE turbines and one Goldwind model. The lone Goldwind turbine was a replacement for a turbine that collapsed in 2009. An investigation into the blade malfunction is ongoing, and Enel is working with Goldwind to determine the cause of the incident.

“This particular incident is an extremely rare event in the industry and the first case experienced in the entire Enel Green Power North America fleet,” an Enel spokesperson tells NAW. “We, along with the turbine manufacturer, are conducting a thorough analysis and assessment of the site.”

Goldwind referred requests for comment to Enel.

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