EDF, EIH Launch Full Operations for 400 MW Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Farm


EDF Renewables and EIH, a subsidiary of Enbridge Inc. and CPP Investments, have achieved a milestone: France’s first commercial-scale offshore wind project, the 480 MW Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Farm, is now fully operational.

Located between 12 and 20 kilometers from the southwest coast of France, the wind farm will help support the French state’s energy transition goals, which include targets to generate 32% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030.

After nearly three years of construction, the wind farm first produced electricity at the beginning of June and proceeded to incrementally connect its 80 wind turbines to the national electricity transmission network.

“We are proud to be part of a partnership with EDF Renewables and Enbridge that has successfully delivered the first major offshore wind project in France despite challenging economic circumstances,” states Bruce Hogg, managing director and head of sustainable energies at CPP Investments. “Saint-Nazaire is the first of many wind investments for us in France that will develop its energy sources and continue its energy transition. It will be a flagship project and an excellent example of our long-term commitment to developing major renewable projects through our global network of renewable energy businesses and partnerships.”

Throughout the development and construction phases, the project team worked closely with local stakeholders. Environmental protection associations, such as France Nature Environnement, Bretagne Vivante, the League for the Protection of Birds and associated experts from the National Museum of Natural History, National Institute of Research for the Exploitation of the Sea and independent design specialists provided the knowledge needed to design the wind farm while respecting its environment and biodiversity. Fauna and flora were rigorously monitored during the various phases of the work and environmental monitoring will continue.

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