Ecowende Leading Offshore Wind Wildlife Monitoring Initiative


Robin Radar, MIDO and DHI have joined with Ecowende to implement wildlife monitoring, detection systems and data collection on various birds and bats who may be impacted by the offshore wind industry. 

Their technologies include Robin Radar’s MAX bird and bat radar systems, DHI’s sensor integration and AI species recognition solution MUSE and MIDO’s power-generating floating platform FLORA 1, all set to be deployed in Ecowende’s planned offshore farm. 

The wind farm developer, a joint venture between Shell, Chubu and Eneco, has also tasked DHI with integrating the project’s different data sources.

“Bird ecologists will work on accurately mapping seabird behavior around our innovations, patterns of migratory birds and improving existing collision models,” says Marin van Regteren, marine ecologist at Ecowend. “Based on these insights, we can continuously improve our own approach by fine-tuning innovations, and we can help future wind farms.”

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susie schlesinger
susie schlesinger
4 months ago

How about the Marine life from the low frequency?